The 4th European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations
J. Phys.  IV France  – Vol. 07 - C2
Enschede, The Netherlands, 1-5 July 1997

This volume contains the proceedings of the European Symposium on martensitic Transformations (ESOMAT’97) held at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, 1-5 July, 1997. The Symposium was the fourth in a series of European symposia on martensitic transformations which followed the successful meetings in Bochum, Germany in 1989, in Aussois, France, 1991, and in Barcelona, Spain, 1994. While the last two were more devoted to fundamentals of martensitic transformations and shape memory properties, this symposium tended to cover all aspects of martensitic transformations including contributions on the applications of martensitic transformations.

The proceedings include two keynote lectures concerning the state of the art and developments of shape memory materials and martensites in steels and a collection of 6 invited lectures and 97 contributed papers accommodated in 6 sessions. The keynote and invited lectures and 97 contributed papers were presented orally. All other contributed papers were presented as posters during a daily 90 minutes poster session. The papers cover key areas of research ranging from fundamental transformation mechanisms and modelling, microstructural information and crystallography, thermomechanical behaviour and kinetics, processing and specific properties and applications of both steels and other ferrous alloys and those of non-ferrous systems and shape memory materials.

A special work shop highlighted the state of the art and important issues of thermo-mechanical fatigue of shape memory alloys in the light of their applications.

The conference was attended by 123 engineers and scientists from 22 countries including 7 countries outside of Europe. The members of the organizing committee wish to express their sincere appreciation to foundation STIOMAK who made the attendance of 40 young scientists, below 30 years of age, possible. It is a pleasure to me to express my gratitude to the keynote and invited speakers, to the chairpersons and the members of the European Advisory Committee for their contributions to a successful meeting.

Special mention should be made of the work of Mrs Anjenet Mettevier Meyer (as secretary) and Mrs Coby van Houten-Vos (as financial administrator) of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering who worked with great patience to co-ordinate the conference organization.

Organizing Committee:

Ir. P.A. Besselink, Dr. J. Beyer, Dr. A. Böttger, Prof. E. Hornbogen, Dr. J.H. Mulder


  • JEOL,
  • Memry – West Coast Operations,
  • NDC Nitinol Devices & Components,
  • Stiomak,
  • Stichting ter Bevordering van Onderzoeck en Opleiding in de Materiaalkunde,
  • University of Twente.